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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Response to the question: Is the pro-life position the most logical?

>Captain Howdy asked: “Why is the pro-life position the most logical? (see comments under the entry entitled:

Abortion and voting

Response: The “pro-life” position is most logical because it does not place a value on one stage of human development over another. To do less is tantamount to racism or sexism or xenophobia: it is saying that a person who has not achieved a certain developmental stage is not afforded a basic right of all people – the right to live.

We make laws to protect children (birth to 18) from abuse or neglect, but if those same people are at the fetus stage, then they lose those legal protections, merely because they are fetuses.

The “right” of the mother to not have a babe supersedes the right of the fetus to live, yet, magically, when that fetus leaves the birth canal, suddenly those rights get reversed.

So, if a mother was to drink excessively during pregnancy and the child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome and dies, she could be arrested. If a mother drowns her 4-year old child, same thing. If she fails to protect the child or neglects to assure food or shelter, same thing.

Yet, if that same mother had aborted that child at fetus stage, then there are no legal consequences. Where is the logic in that?

There isn’t. The most logical position, then, is that all human life – be it zygote or fetus or baby or toddler or teen or adult or senior – should be valued enough to be protected from arbitrary death at the hands of another.

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Anju said...

Abortion laws are really quite crazy, aren't they?