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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Cross and/or the Flag

An area I have struggled a bit with is patriotism.

My dad was a lifetime member of the VFW, and he instilled in us kids a deep sense of patriotism.

That sense was diffused by my 'liberal' education at college and I actually, for a time, was more ashamed of my country than proud.

Then I repented of my sins and received Christ as Lord and Savior.

Now scripture talks about the "church" as the "body of believers" and this body transcends the boundary lines of any country. In fact, we are told that we are really citizens of another place, being alien visitors (not the kind found in flying saucers, but the kind that have immigrated to a new place). We are warned not to get too attached to this world, but to live in it, obey laws, be kind to others, live at peace, and basically be good neighbors and citizens.

The "line in the sand" comes when we are required by our country (government) to violate the doctrines and tenets of our faith. We are to obey God over man.

So where does Patriotism fit in with all this? Should the flag of the country be flown in the place where God is being worshiped? Do songs that mix God in with country truly glorify and honor Him?

My sense is that we need to be discerning about this, that we need to make sure we have not become syncretic - trying to reconcile or blend those sometimes opposite emotions of a strong love of country with the deep love of God. God should always be first.

We should participate, vote, pay taxes (yes, pay taxes), support candidates, discuss issues (from a Biblical perspective when possible), but not be fretting over loss or salivating in any win.

We need to remember that it really all is about God. He is sovereign. He is in control. Today is just one more step closer to the completion of His plan which will restore His Glory and man's relationship with Him and no win or loss at the polls will thwart or impede His will.

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