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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If not for Christ would I have to kill Homosexuals?

Blogger Clostridiophile said...

"Now, why am I not running out stoning or executing men who have sex with other men or adulterers or my children who curse me? Because in Matthew 5:17 Christ tells us He is the fulfillment of the Law."

Oh, so if it had not said this, and you only had the OT to go by...you would kill homosexuals..or anyone for that matter due to something a book tells you?

Well, since I committed adultery, I engaged in homosexual behavior myself, I participated in the murder (through abortion) of my children - so I would not be doing the stoning, I would be stoned.

It is interesting that so many focus on the punishment or consequences, trying to make them seem extreme or unfair - and they are - from our point of view since we are the ones who could be the recipients of the punishment. Unfairness is always unfair in the eyes of the person on the short end of the stick, even if they chose that stick themselves. The guilty either proclaim their innocence or the injustice of their punishment.

Now, when we, meaning people, make laws, we don't usually make the consequences based on how we would feel if we had to serve that punishment. No, we based the punishment on how severely we view the crime, so, obviously, God views these "crimes" - adultery, homosexual actions, etc as very severe.

Why? because they pervert His image (we are made in His image) thus smearing His Name.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to God, it is very important.
This may seem tyrannical. This may seem petty. This may seem like overkill on God's part, but we cannot possibly see something totally from God's perspective.

We close our eyes, though, to the evidence. The pain and suffering that is brought about by our sins, not only to others but to ourselves.

In love, God says do not do these actions. In justice, He says these are the consequences and they must be exacted (or it would not be justice). In mercy, He "became sin for us" and took the consequences Himself. In charity, He offers the choice to each of us - repent of our sins and receive Christ - or - take the punishment on yourself.

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