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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Response to Capt. Howdy part 2

>Captain Howdy wrote: Most evangelicals believe a huge chunk of people will end up in the Lake of Fire. That means that every child born faces a huge risk of being damned to hell.

By aborting the unborn, you're ensuring all those little souls go right on up to heaven.

Those babies are giving up a speck of time here on earth in exchange for eternity in heaven by aborting them.

Why aren't you an enthusiastic supporter of abortion? You should be doing it even if it's a sin, because you're ensuring paradise for dozens; hundreds of their unborn little souls even at your own soul's expense.

[Note: Don't actually even consider really doing anything like this. I'm just showing how weird your religion is.]


Christians are not in the position to decide who goes to hell or who goes to Heaven. Only God knows the heart. (Psalms 44:1). We have been commissioned to tell the Gospel (Mark 16:15), not to build Heaven or Hell. We are messengers, not provocateurs.

As to the comment in the bracket: “I'm just showing how weird your religion is”. I would agree to some extent – it is weird in that Christianity rejects many of the ways of the world but many Christians either don’t or fail in that rejection.

I would disagree about the religion part. Christianity is not about “becoming” a Christian; it is about repenting of our sins and receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, we sometimes ignore the Lord part and rest too easy on the Savior part.

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