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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sense of Christ's Death

Blogger Clostridiophile said...

Also, Christians are never very explicit on how God having himself killed by us (which makes no sense) makes it easier for him to forgive sins that he knew in advance we would commit. Care to explain?

We don't really say that it makes it "easier" for Him to forgive our sins, we say that it DID forgive our sins.

For example, my step-son recently got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. $65.

Now, he could have whined about how unfair that was. He was only not wearing his seat belt. It wasn't hurting anyone else, etc. But he didn't - because his dad paid the fine for him. His dad took on the punishment for his child. His dad was out the money so his son was free from the burden of the ticket.

This is what Christ (God) did on the cross. He paid our $65. The punishment for our sin was "paid" by someone else.

Now, my step-son had been told by driver's ed, told by us, most likely told by his dad, that he should always wear a seat belt. It was a good idea for him to do. It was safer. It was the law, and there was a fine if you did not wear it and got caught. He knew all this in advance, but still refused to wear his belt. In fact, we (his parents) all knew that we was not wearing his belt.

You're right, though, in that it does not make sense.

My step-son's dad should not have paid the ticket. It would have been a better lesson for him to have paid the fine himself.

The problem was that he did not have the money. Ignoring the ticket could result in a license suspension, larger fines, bench warrant, an arrest, even jail. His dad loves his son, so it was not "easier" but it was out of that love that he paid the fine for his son.

Now, as a result, my step-son should have with a greater appreciation for his dad, who sacrificed his own money for the benefit of his son. This should also help him to remember to buckle up, because of what his dad did for him.

It is out of love for us - even though we have broken His laws, we have spurned Him, we have opposed Him, we have been His enemy - that He sacrificed Himself on the cross.

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