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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Stand Should Be A Stand

I get a number of "updates" and news letters and came across one that struck close to home.

It was about a counselor working for a secular counseling center who was fired for referring a lesbian client to another therapist for relationship advice. The counselor referred the client on religious grounds and because she thought the other counselor could best help the client.
(Read the article here )

I also like reading through the comments section for the opinions expressed by readers of the article. One comment on this article struck me - it said "What would her employers have done if she counseled according to the Bible? She knew they would fire her so she did the right thing and opted out."

While the small article only gives us a brief synopsis, there is an interesting contrast here.

While I admire her one stand, it is interesting to note that she was willing to be fired over her religious beliefs in viewing homosexual behavior as a sin, but not over the sufficiency of the Bible, upon which her faith is centered.

The secular world kneels at the altar of psychological theory, and so many Christians have embraced any word by a "psychologist" as a revelation from God.

Most psychological theorists have either atheists, agnostics or pantheists. Most have been vehemently anti-Christian. Many psychological conclusions, particularly in terms of providing therapy, have not come from a scientific analysis of human behavior but from the theorists own mind or observations - many of which are antithetical to what the Bible indicates.

For example: it is almost universally held by therapists (and the psychological community) that the main reason why most normal (that is people without a chemical imbalance - mental illness, or people without a developmental disability) do harmful things is because of poor self-esteem. Victimization runs rampant through the therapeutic community as well. The Bible says our problems stem from too much pride and not enough humbleness or self-sacrifice. (I have even heard "Christian" counselors say that in order to love others must first love one's self!)

Having been a social worker for neigh onto 30 years now, I have seen personally seen how little success "psychotherapy" brings about. Studies have indicated that going to a "professional" counselor is no more effective than not (or talking with close, loving friends).

So, along comes a lesbian who wants relationship advice and a stand is taken to not provide counsel but one wonders if she referred away other "sinners" - an adulterer, a person struggling with truth telling (a liar) or a person who is going through a divorce.

While I applaud her stand, one must wonder if she is being consistent in the application of her religious beliefs by even working for this agency in the first place...by even being a "professional" counselor in a setting where she is allowed to use any method she desires - except the one she should (self) require - the Scripture.

I am watching this all the time, because I know that I must be prepared to the possibility that I could be asked to do something that violates my faith. Fortunately, those concerns did not come up during my tenure as a "social worker" (I am in administration now).

I hope God strengthens me to do stand firm - in all things, because my Savior is more important than my job.

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