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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Abortion and voting

For me, the stance on the legalization of abortion is a high priority. Putting my faith aside, where Christ showed us, through His sacrifice on the cross, that every life is important to Him, the pro-life position is most logical.

How can one draw a line and say that life is only worth protecting if it has reached a particular point in development. Whether you call it a fetus, an embryo, a baby, a toddler, a teen, an adult, or a senior - they describe the various phases of human life.

The highest measure of a person's integrity is how that person views life. This will play in a lot of areas of public policy. For instance, why is protecting a child at an elementary school in a poor side of town not as important as protecting a fetus in a middle class high school teen or a frozen embryo that might one day after millions of dollars lead towards a cure for cancer?

Most stances are arguable. Raise taxes, lower taxes (I prefer the lower); end the war, continue the war (I prefer end, but in a way that does not endanger my family); help the poor (but not through conscripted and involuntary donation).

But for me , a stance on abortion is one of those "make-it-or-break-it" issues. It says much about how important life is to that candidate, so I will never vote for a pro-choice candidate because I cannot trust him or her to protect all lives, especially our most vulnerable ones.

It is pretty simple as that.

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Jon said...

what are you one of those fundamentalists or something? It's also amazing that they can be pro choice and anti death sentence. What's up with that?

Thomas W. Peck said...

Well...I consider myself a Biblicist - that is, I try to follow and adhere to Scripture within the context and how the Bible interprets itself.

As to the contradictions, that position is incredibly biased basing "value on developmental stage.

However, some of their concerns are legit in the inequities of the criminal justice system.

I would only support the death penalty if it met Biblical muster - two witness who, if they are found to have lied, would be executed as well.

captain howdy said...

Why is the pro-life position the most logical?

Most evangelicals believe a huge chunk of people will end up in the Lake of Fire. That means that every child born faces a huge risk of being damned to hell.

By aborting the unborn, you're ensuring all those little souls go right on up to heaven.

Those babies are giving up a speck of time here on earth in exchange for eternity in heaven by aborting them.

Why aren't you an enthusiastic supporter of abortion? You should be doing it even if it's a sin, because you're ensuring paradise for dozens; hundreds of their unborn little souls even at your own soul's expense.

[Note: Don't actually even consider really doing anything like this. I'm just showing how weird your religion is.]

Clostridiophile said...

Nice point, Howdy!

Peck, are you for putting homosexuals to death? It is Biblical, afterall.