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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Recently, I attended a "training" on suicide. It was an overview of how our culture looks at suicide and was very interesting, sad, disturbing, and convicting all at once.

One of the most disturbing was a statistical figure.

12 suicides have been attributed to the death of Michael Jackson.

Now statistics are just a gathering of numbers. Most often they are without context, sometimes they are wrong or in error, sometimes they speak for themselves. This statistic speaks volumes.

That someone would consider their life over because a singer died is hard for me to comprehend.

I can understand why someone would want to kill themselves when a close loved one dies, or a catastrophic event or getting in deep into a quagmire. They lose hope. But to pin one's life, one's hope on a guy who can sing and dance well, who does not even know you exist, who cares about you only in the broadest of terms...well, that is very sad but also gives us some insight into how we are different from animals.

If you are an evolutionist and believe that humans are just a higher order species (not unique as Christians believe) then consider this - man is the only animal that contemplates suicide. We are also the only "animal" that does a lot of things like not wait for nature to adapt us physically for the environment, build various types of shelters, have written and readable languages, create various tools, goes to war over ideas, etc.

The reality is that man has the image of God placed in him and so we seek God to see our own image. The problem is that sometimes we find a god that is not the real god and think we have found our own image.

12 people did that recently.

My hope is that you are not placing your hope in the wrong god. To find out more go to Need God.

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