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Monday, July 27, 2009

The World Around Us

I took some time off from writing as it had become more of a burden than a joy. I wanted to breathe deeply for a while and enjoy the world around us. The world God has created.

It culminated last weekend with a trip to Mackinac Island where automobiles and trucks are basically banned and access is by a ferry boat. Sitting on a street in town all one hears is the low drone of people talking, the whirring of the bicycle wheels going by and the clopping of horse hoofs.

The views are so peaceful, both the natural beauty and historical buildings abound (they claim to be the most historical spot in Michigan). It was both refreshing and relaxing, though I missed having all the family there.

Then we came home, and the world hadn't changed much. There is still that problem neighbor and the bills to pay and the issues at work and the politics in Washington and the cultural, economic strife and death, destruction, mayhem and chaos of both the man-made and natural world around us.

It makes me want to hop back on the boat and move to Mackinac Island to one of those mansions on the bluff overlooking the lighthouse. This world makes me want to call Mackinac Island home, not the slowly dying city of Saginaw.

Scripture reminds us, though, that the world around us is not home (John 15:19). The book of Revelations points out that this world will once day cease to exist, and that humans are eternal beings who will dwell forever in one of two places. Those who reject God will dwell away from Him in Hell. Those of uswho profess Christ as Lord and Savior, who have recognized our sins and turned from them (though we may desire to do them), who have recieved Jesus' gift of salvation will live in a place called Heaven. Hell will not be a place one should want to reside (you think your current circumstances are unpleasant, Hell is indescribably worse). Heaven is a place described as having no more tears (Rev 7:17) or pain (Rev 21:4). It is a place so much better than the world around us or even Mackinac Island.

This world around us is only a moment in time. It is the waiting in line on the dock for the ferry boat to take us to the Island. We need to remember that when we get all wrapped up in the political, social, economic, emotional, cultural, entertainment times. This is not our world. This is not our true home. We are just visiting and we are just visitors, and I find great comfort in that thought, but it would be nice to hear the clip-clopping of a horse or any whirr of a bicycle wheel over the rev of an engine just one more time.

For His Glory,

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