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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review of the book: Choosing Forgiveness by June Hunt

Forgiveness has been a major challenge in my life as a Christian.  While commanded to ‘forgive as God forgives’ (Eph 4:32), how is this done?  What is forgiveness and what does it mean when I say, “I forgive you”? How can I forgive when I have been terribly wronged by someone?

I was recently offered a free copy of the book (in exchange for my views): “Choosing Forgiveness” by June Hunt from Hope for the Heart Ministries. I was hopeful that there would be answers to these questions.  However, I was concerned that the information would be more “pop psychology” than solid theology.  That concern was unwarranted as the aspects of forgiveness are explored from a strong Biblical perspective.

Using the story of Corrie Ten Boom, World War II concentration camp survivor and a chance meeting after the war with one of the camp’s abusive guards who asks her forgiveness, the book takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the meaning and application of biblical forgiveness.  The material is an easy read yet causes one to contemplate how God wants us to respond to the challenge to forgive.

Those struggling with forgiveness will find this book useful, but it is also beneficial for obtaining a deeper understanding of the love and mercy and forgiveness offered by God, and how this can impact our daily life. The structure of the book seems like it would work well for both individual or group study on the subject.

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