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Monday, November 03, 2008

What will come

It is election eve of "the most important election, ever", or so I have heard for the 9th time.  Every election is the most important ever.

We will see change.  We always do.  No new President has ever carried on the policies of the old one, or even been elected promising to carry them on.  That concept is for parliaments where one elects a party and not individuals.  In the US we have conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans.  Very often someone becomes a particular party because that is the one that gets him/her elected.

I grew up in the Detroit area, and the battle for most of the elections were during the primary.  It was a given that from the Congress to the dog catcher, the Democrat would win.   Some of the people elected were really Republicans, though, at least philosophically or ideologically.  They had more agreement with that party platform than the one offered by their own party.

Which brings us to the problem of what is Christian.  In this election, interestingly, we have two men who claim to be Christians, but theologically they are far from that (though I base this on their own statements about how they view their "faith").

One attends a church where Jesus is not viewed as God and the "Christian" faith is about liberating people from their oppressors.  The other attends a church occasionally and his Jesus is wearing a red, white, and blue robe and who has blessed this nation because it deserves to be blessed because of its greatness.

Given their world view points, I expect to see more pragmatism, more growth of a secular viewpoint, more repression of overt Christian expression in the public square, and the continued marginalizing of Him.   Maybe God is sending a message to His church - seek first Him and His Righteousness, then vote, then become a political force not from the pulpit but from the heart of men.

We need to remember that neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. McCain can thwart the plans of God.  The one who is elected will be there because God allowed it, and allowed it for His purposes, not because one was more closer to His throne than the other.

I will disclose that I am voting for Mr. McCain, somewhat with my nose held because Mr. McCain's viewpoint of government and issues is closer to mine.  Since we all fall short, every choice is about the lesser of two evils, and the laws that are passed, or repealed, show how much lesser they are.

I have a sense about who will win this election and it will be interesting come tomorrow night (or most likely Wednesday morning), but my hope lies not in either candidate, either party, nor no legistlative body or rule of law.  My hope is in Christ and Him crucified.  My hope is in the working of the Holy Spirit on my life.  My hope is in the Father as He directs the course this world until the return of His Son, Jesus.

Our response to the election is to remain steadfast in the hope of God and not be discouraged when we lose...or win.  Let Him be glorifed through you.


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