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Friday, December 14, 2007

Not all is ever lost

I have to admit that I am a reforming political junkie.

I love to read about politics and love the campaign season (though I have to admit that starting two years before the next election is wearing thin on me), and have been somewhat following the various trials and tribulations on the trail to the White House.

What makes this year's race interesting, so far, is that there is not a clear favorite on either side, and there seems to be a bigger lament about the choices. No one is "perfect".

I know that is the case in all elections. We really do tend to have to vote for the least candidate no matter what since every candidate, being sinful humans, have dark elements in their background. Those things that are wished to remain private.

The other aspect is that there are no two people in the whole world who agree on every issue equally. It would actually be kind of scary if two did, so we have to evaluate a candidate on those issues that we view as highly important down to those we could care less about and measure a candidate on this.

One aspect is the candidates faith system, and, if they live that system in their lives. Obviously, I am going to lean to that person who agrees with my faith over one who disagrees or disregards or even is hostile to my faith. One's faith system will drive what public policies one supports or opposes.

So, of course, what one believes is important and not just a personal matter because it will drive their public policy, and we would do well to find out what they believe and how strongly.

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