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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thoughts on the News

There has been some ruffled feathers lately with comments by Kathy Griffin (said she wan NOT thankful to Jesus), Will Smith (he said that 98% of what Scientology teaches is also taught in the Bible) & a public official who equated having a difficult time with Christ's crucifixion.
In all three situations (and a few others), righteous outrage was expressed by a noted Christian leader with demands for apology.

Righteous outrage and demands for apology are not exclusive to the Christian community. Actually, this has been a fad amongst the secular world for some time. It is linked with Political Correctness. Someone says something stupid or idiotic ly offensive and the world comes crashing down on them.

My question is how should we, as Christians, respond to an inane statement or even one that is patently blasphemous by a non-Christian?

I contend we are to respond in grace, not outrage. This would involve, in some cases, a gentle response - such as correcting a misconception. In other cases, just ignoring and realizing that Pagans will be Pagans is the best response.

Our example is Christ. Time and again he corrected errors or ignored stupidity. Even at the cross, He responded directly and simply, not showing outrage.

He DID indicate outrage, though, at those who should know better - the religious leaders of the time who were adding to the Law and being self-righteous.

Showing tolerance for ignorance can be difficult, but it is the best response to glorify our Lord and show Him and His ways to the world.

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