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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who should pay?

"Universal" health care is a hot topic this election season, warmed up by yesterday's proposal by Hillary Clinton. The debate begins and there will probably now be "bidding" wars amongst the candidate to see who can offer the best deal for the voteres.

Here's the problem. As a Christian is it right and proper for me to impose on one person the cost of taking care of another person. I cannot find this propostion anywhere in Scripture. I can find that it is my own responsibility, as God leads, to do something.

Christianity is a personal faith. It is about you and God and your relationship (and relation) to Him. It is about obeying His commands to you, personally. It is about striving to do good for His Glory. It is about giving up your self for Him, and sacrificing on His behalf.

Forcing a tax to be paid by someone else does not fit within that context.

As a citizen, my contention is that we need to do more about the cost than about the payment. We need to look at the profiteering going on in health care. We need to weed out illegal activities and fraud. We need to encourage health care providers to be good stewards.

As a Christian, it is almost as unfathomable to require someone else to pay for something that I want as it is for someone to go without needed medical care. We are, as a body and as individuals, to care for others, not force someone to do it for us.

For His Glory,

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